Reality Star

God morgon! Sitter i soffan med ansiktsmask på. Ska strax skölja bort den, sedan gå ut till stallet och börja dagen med en ridtur :)
Good morning! Sitting on the couch with a face mask on. Gona rinse it off soon, then head out to the stable and start the day with a horse ride :)
Eyeshadows: Reality Star, Ice Queen, Villain and Ooh & Ahh from Then & Now palette from Too Faced.
Lips: Clover Melted Matte from Too Faced.
Glow: King Ultra Glow from Kylie Cosmetics.
Blush: Radiant Blush Kit from Anastasia.
Mascara: Space Intense from Caia Cosmetics.
Foundation: Macaroon Faux Filter from Huda Beauty.
Concealer: Meringue Overachiever from Huda Beauty.
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Mount Rushmore.

New York.

Grand Canyon.

Foz Do Igaucu.


Rio de Janeiro.


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Las Vegas.


San Diego.


Horseshoe Bend.